Freshmen find comfort level hard to find

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, freshmen at SHA are feeling uncomfortable participating while having to learn remotely.

About 53 percent of the freshmen don’t feel comfortable participating in class, according to a poll of SHA students taken in November.

“This is due to the awkwardness in the zoom environment and perhaps also the fear of losing one’s thought,” says freshman Jamesna Sainvil. “I don’t feel so much pressure or discomfort when the teacher calls on me directly to respond as when they tell anyone they can answer. The tension is high and you don’t want to be the one to break it.”

The freshmen discomfort level is seven percentage points higher than for any other class, according to the survey. The poll had a margin of error of plus or minus four percentage points

“My motivation for remote learning is low because it’s not the same environment I’m used to for learning, but I try to keep it as high as I can because I still have to do my best,” said freshman Elizabeth Zachery.

Principal H-D noted that lack of motivation is a “nationwide issue” and said the school has taken steps that she hopes will boost the freshmen’s overall participation in classes, including hosting more events where freshmen can interact. 

“There have been changes made in Quarter 2,” said H-D. “On Mondays the freshmen meet together to build relationships and try to produce some motivation.”

Some freshmen try to find ways to boost their motivation, from offering themselves little rewards, whether it’s food or screen time, after accomplishing work. to just setting designated times to get work done. 

”I try to give myself candy or ice cream after I finish all my assignments,” said Zachery, “which kinda boosts my motivation.”

Freshmen  Thalia Wright likes to keep a mindset that allows her to be less anxious and more comfortable when needing to participate. “I like to think of it as I’m the only student when answering,” she said, “which really helps when trying to participate in class.”