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How MCAS Prep Affected Our Students
How MCAS Prep Affected Our Students
By Maleah Edouard and Aaron Rodriguez April 6, 2022

This year's English Language Arts MCAS was largely successful, according to most students. The majority of sophomores felt prepared, according...

SHA Supports the Fight Against Cancer
SHA Supports the Fight Against Cancer
by Achilles Kraus April 4, 2022

Throughout the early months of 2022 SHA has been raising money by hosting various events, fundraisers, and donations all profits being put towards...

SHA Participates in Womens History Month
SHA Participates in Women's History Month
By Sierra Cotton March 21, 2022

Staff at SHA participated in bringing awareness to Women’s History Month by organizing slideshows to display in Courageous Conversations and...

SHAs Poems of Resilience
SHA's Poems of Resilience
By the Students of SHA

At a time when it's easy to feel down, we're writing poetry to pick ourselves up during National Poetry Month. We will continue to add to this collection while we are away...


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