The One Thing Students REALLY Want For Lunch

Nope. These arent students top desire.

Nope. These aren’t students’ top desire.

Nine in 10 students at the Springfield Honors Academy want the option to eat their lunch outside of the cafeteria, a new poll shows.

A poll conducted in the fall showed that 92.7 percent of the students would like to eat their lunch outside of the cafeteria. 

“I feel like it’s good because it gives us students more freedom,” says Anthony Santiago, a sophomore at the school.

However, a stunning turn in the poll reveals where exactly students would like to eat including the cafeteria, with more than 70 percent of students wanting to eat in classrooms around the school. That option garnered more votes than wanting to eat off-campus, which only 56 percent of students voted for. 

“It’s easier for the school to manage kids while they’re in school, but I can understand if someone has to leave the campus,” says Martin Wagura, a sophomore who voted to eat his lunch in the classrooms.

These 13 classrooms are arranged in a rectangular format around the school, thus making it accessible to the students.

In this poll, 137 students participated in answering questions. The margin of error is 4.1 percent with a confidence level of 95 percent. The confidence level means that 95 out of 100 times, the survey results would look the same.

The students and staff of the Springfield Honors Academy pride themselves in doing the best they can to listen to students’ requests to make the school environment fit for everyone.

This data show that the students at the Springfield Honors Academy are working hard to change their community.