Balancing school, life is even harder in a pandemic

Seniors reported having a hard time balancing school and a job.

The struggle of balancing schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and outside obligations is difficult and as a result, SHA students are learning less during remote learning.

Covid 19 has had a tremendous effect on the students of Springfield Honors Academy’s ability to learn. In fact, 52 percent of students say that they are learning less now than they did in regular school, according to a survey of the student body done in November.

“It’s so hard to pay attention with so many outside distractions,” said senior Shealeigh Martin.

Due to obligations outside of school, 43 percent of students say that their school work is getting interfered with.

“We aren’t able to pay attention as much due to the distractions of being at home with family and chores, ” said junior Maya Senquiz.

When students were asked why they were learning less they contributed it to outside obligations as well as other distractions of the home.

Balancing distractions of the home such as pets, siblings, and chores, as well as extracurricular activities like sports, getting exercise, and school work has become extremely difficult since remote learning started at SHA.

According to the polls, 33 percent of seniors are having an especially hard time balancing school work with their outside obligations with another 36 percent reporting they had a moderate increase in the difficulty of balancing. The poll had a margin of error of plus or minus four percentage points.

Seniors who answered a follow-up question indicated working at a job was the major source of conflict. Freshmen reported the second-highest level of difficulty in balancing school and outside activity, with caring for younger siblings most often cited.

“Working and going through school is tough,” said senior Angel Checo. “As a senior and getting ready for college, it’s just something that I needed to do.”