Students, parents sound off on remote learning

Parent Molica Pen and senior Shealeigh Martin both say the stress of school has increased online.


Students will be working fully remotely until at least the end of the third quarter at Springfield Honors Academy. Griffiner staff interviewed SHA students, educators and parents about their school year so far. Here’s what they had to say. 

INTERVIEWER: Respond to this statement: Compared with when I attended school in person, I feel stressed about schoolwork.

“I don’t know. I don’t know how I feel if it was in person cause we’re used to this now. I’m not that stressed out about it. But especially with choosing colleges, it’s fine cause I know where I want to go.” — Senior Jafari Brown

There’s more stress. It’s so hard to keep my brother away, my cats from fighting, all the cleaning to be done, and trying to balance school on top of it is difficult.” — Senior Shealeigh Martin

Less stress because I feel like it’s easier to complete my work.” — Sophomore Neika Smith

INTERVIEWER: How much do you feel you are learning compared to when you attended school in person?

“Zoom calls are completely different from what in-class lessons are. Well for me as a freshman, I find it awkward cause I haven’t met any of my classmates face to face.” — Freshman Khimorah Arias

“Remote learning ruined my high school experience a bit but it’s okay. Although I have more free time because there’s no transition from going on my school bus to home, I just transition fast at home.” — Sophomore Carina Aguilar

“It’s obviously better in person and it’s just easier to ask questions. You have to hold yourself accountable a lot more because you don’t have your teachers and friends. But sometimes in class it’s hard not to zone out. You don’t have people to tell you, it’s a little more challenging.” — Jafari Brown

Griffiner reporters also got to interview some parents of Springfield students. 

INTERVIEWER: What’s your opinion on remote learning for your children this year?

“While remote learning is the safest option for our kids at this moment, it’s a difficult process. They miss interactions with peers and teachers as well as the typical classroom environment. It’s definitely more stressful than in-person learning.” — Springfield Educator and Parent Jalissa Rodriguez

“Some days it can be very challenging, I love the teacher’s enthusiasm and patience though. However, my kid does not have patience when things go wrong. He’s doing his best but absolutely does not like remote learning. He went from loving school to hating it.” –Parent Molica Pen