SHA’s Poems of Resilience

SHAs Poems of Resilience

At a time when it’s easy to feel down, we’re writing poetry to pick ourselves up during National Poetry Month. We will continue to add to this collection while we are away from our school.


Out My Window

As a look out my window

I watch the grey sky,

I really wish I had the power to fly.

I’d zip and zoom through the air

Without a single care.

As a look out my window

I watch the grey sky,

I occasionally glance at my phone

And watch the hours roll by.

As a look out my window

I watch the now night sky,

I turn on my light

It is no longer bright.

As a look out my window

I watch the sky

Before I can nap in peace,

I can say that this was a good try…

At the poem I mean 😂–Dante Brown

Soles of My Feet

Feet show more about a person than hands.

Callused and bloody and bruised they show the roads we’ve dared to venture.

We shake hands without thinking about feet.

In times when shaking hands is the enemy, consider someone’s feet:

The paths they’ve traversed, the pain they’ve felt, the lessons they’ve learned.

My feet have walked through the lowest valleys

They’ve tread the deepest waters

And hobbled up to my highest peaks.

My feet have wandered roads in a hundred lifetimes to lead me here. –Caitlyn Gibb


Straight Ahead

The road that

Lay untraveled

Is straight up ahead.

Sitting down on the soft

Asphalt, slowly sinking down,

There’s an urge to run back and

Yet I don’t want to turn around to see

What’s happened behind my back. –Nzna Nguyen


Lost and Found

Lost in a long dark and scary road,

Bathed in goosebumps of nervousness.

The dark road gets longer and longer,

Following light to guide me away.

Praying to get out but trapped far away,

I feel presences everywhere I feel the need to follow that spirit.

Lost in a long and scary road,

But I must escape this dark road like I did before, right?

I’ll follow the light and follow my success but what if there’s no success,

It would be worth a try so I continue following the light.

But I came upon a hole deeper than ever I fall and can’t escape,

So I dig and dig but it’s hard and finally I continue to follow the light again.

It’s been long enough and I pray to leave the dark behind,

The presence of the spirit was an angle from above.

And yes here I am. I found brighter light that opened my eyes to the heavens.

Found a long and heavenly road. —Jovanny Perez



Realizing the heart of a life and its meaning

Can awaken your soul to another dimension

Entice you to live even when the rain is washing away your light

Provide you with vitality

Show you the endless possibilities.

Though this transformation was not easy

Recall the dark past to improve your colorful present.

–Seema Nepal


The Rose

A rose is planted and the seed is protected by the ground above it.

The soil nurtures the rose and helps it grow.

Every day the rose gets closer to its peak but as the beauty grows so does the danger.

The rose grows and its beautiful pink petals call to the insects and people surrounding it.

The rose draws them in like a force.

Some dare to get close enough to touch it, maybe steal a petal or two.

To make it in the cruel world, thorns grow from the stem.

Anyone who dares to touch it will be pricked.

The rose is still beautiful, but beauty comes with a price.

People want to take it and put it on display in windows for passersby to see

Without the thorns, the rose would stand no chance in the fatal clutches of reality

But the thorns are there to protect.

With each danger or experience the rose grows stronger

Because its beauty may be a danger but not a weakness.

Beauty is not weak


The life of the rose will be full,

Lived gaining its thorns to keep its beauty. –Catherine Jorczak

Hope and Faith

can take you to a great place.

When the world is not in a good place hope may disappear.

Thoughts may overcome you but faith can become you.

Let your thoughts become greater than the hardships we face

And together our minds will make this a better place. When the

world is overcome by a virus we can’t control,

It sends a deep feeling down to our soul. United we stand all as

one group, to fight our way through like we’re part of our army’s troops.

But through hope and faith we all will be well and god bless us all is a story we will tell.

–Nevaeh Bell


Giving in can sometimes feel like an irresistible temptation.

All humans were blessed with the power of creation

The power to push through and find the will to keep treading

Continuing to push when life pushes against you

Successfully walking through the barriers you never thought you’d push through. –Jokaira Diaz

We Can

We can, we will succeed.

We can, we will overcome.

If we just believe

There is nothing we can’t achieve

With the right guidance and the right path

Our future will be bright because we believed that we can. –Jashyra Carmenatty