How MCAS Prep Affected Our Students

How MCAS Prep Affected Our Students

This year’s English Language Arts MCAS was largely successful, according to most students. The majority of sophomores felt prepared, according to a poll taken by sophomores, and the amount of preparation appeared to help.

 “The MCAS prep really helped me when it came to teaching me what to look for, how to approach questions or terms I didn’t know. It really gave me more confidence in my answers and talking to HD and Matters before the test helped me stayed focused during both sessions,” said Glory Perez Ventura. 

Passing ELA, Math and Biology MCAS assessments is required to graduate high school in Massachusetts.

MCAS prep provided extra help in allowing students to know what to expect as well as how to respond when coming across different questions. “It was kind of annoying and I don’t want to admit it but MCAS prep actually really helped a lot with everything”, said Emely Marte-Vasquez. MACS prep did seem to take a lot of time and effort but in the end, it gave students a boost in confidence and success.

The Griffiner also asked students how confident they were going into and coming out of both sessions of the MCAS. Not one of the 55 students who responded said they felt not confident at all. Quite a lot of students also said they were more confident in themselves after having taken the MCAS. 

On a scale of 1-5 (with 5 being very confident) 87 percent of students rated themselves a three and four before taking the MCAS, while only 9 percent said they were a five. After taking the test, the number went down to 74 percent of students at three and four while the number of students who were a five  went up to 22 percent.

There are also a number of students who also weren’t  worried to begin with. MCAS is an assessment that students have been taking for six years by the time they get to sophomore year so a lot of people are used to the test and the stress that comes with it. 

“I didn’t feel anything because MCAS isn’t really a new thing and since it’s not like I’d do bad on it,” said said Hailey Delgado. I wasn’t stressed or anything. More like excited to get it over with.”