SHA Supports the Fight Against Cancer

By Achilles Kraus

Throughout the early months of 2022 SHA has been raising money by hosting various events, fundraisers, and donations all profits being put towards the Why Me foundation.

One of the more recent fundraisers was Hat Day held on March 4 where students could pay $1.00 to wear a hat of their choice during school hours.

Hat Day was inspired by the difficult changes that people who go through chemotherapy have to live and adapt to.

“Childhood cancer has affected several of our staff and students,” said Kristy Synnott director of student life at SHA. This was one of the main inspirations for the sprig of fundraisers hosted by SHA.

Now one question people may be asking is what the Why Me foundation does exactly. According to their website, their purpose goes in multiple directions: “From hospital visits and support groups to family fun events and long-term residence, Why Me works to help strengthen the families within its community.”

SHA supports this cause by raising funds whereas the money could be put back into the school it is instead used for the better of the people and community affected by cancer as a whole. Synnott identified this and stated that creating a branch of support from the school to the organization was a “meaningful connection.”

SHA has raised $136 in total, direct amounts being as followed, $40 in March, $46 in February, and $50 in January according to Synnott.

While SHA has made notable contributions to the charity and its cause, it isn’t finished yet. Synnott stated that all fundraisers held from December to June will be directed towards supporting the organizations’ cause.