Students Are Dissatisfied With Griffin Group Block

Students Are Dissatisfied With Griffin Group Block

By Lauren Godbout

More than half of students are not satisfied with how the Griffin Group block is spent, according to a poll of  SHA students. 

Many students’ complaints included not having enough academic lab, having to study in the uncomfortable auditorium, not enough variety in clubs, and not having a consistent schedule.

In a survey released Dec 9, 52 percent of 177 students answered they were neither satisfied nor unsatisfied or dissatisfied with how the Griffin Group block (A days, before and after lunch) is spent. Academic lab this school year has been sharing a block with other activities like Griffin Group/Courageous Conversations and clubs. These unsatisfactory results stem from various student complaints including the conditions of academic lab and how time is scheduled and shown.

Because of the 4 percent margin of error in our poll, there is no definite majority of students who are unsatisfied or satisfied. However, the poll shows at least 48 percent of students have reported feeling unsatisfied.

“Students [and teachers] need to be made aware [of the schedule] so they aren’t burdened by knowing that day,” said Principal HD about wanting to make a Griffin Group schedule more visible to students and teachers.

Students have also complained about academic lab being held in the Commerce auditorium.

“[The] seating is very uncomfortable,” said Deidre Godbout, a junior, “it makes doing your work a struggle.”

Academic lab has changed throughout the school year, recently happening in the auditorium before the spike in Covid cases made students stay in their Griffin Groups. Students were unsatisfied with how they were done when students could go to the auditorium, having to sit in seats with your work on your lap instead of a desk.

Some students are unsatisfied with how club time is spent as the clubs themselves are uninteresting and sometimes inaccessible.

During the Griffin Group block, clubs are scheduled every now and then with some of them being after school.

A lot of the clubs just didn’t interest me,” said Laiyla Arroyo, a freshman. “Or some of the ones I did want to do also required me to stay after school which is inconvenient for me.”

The principal thinks the auditorium is a good place for students to complete work if they are working individually, clashing with student opinions.

“We wanted to give students a quiet place to work while students who need one-on-one can have that.”

— Principal HD

“We wanted to give students a quiet place to work while students who need one-on-one can have that,” said HD.

Recently, because Commerce is using the auditorium for a second lunch in response to Covid-19, SHA students haven’t been going to the auditorium during academic lab and instead stayed in classrooms. Students now are still able to check in with teachers for help but a return to the auditorium is planned.