The Future of Clubs Needs to Improve


The SHA Shades of Magic team at their first performance of the year

By Maleah Edouard

Student satisfaction with clubs has been close to 50/50 based on a student survey, and there are many ideas for what clubs could be added, or removed, and ways to resolve issues such as time and space.

Our club options are various but still some students feel that clubs doesn’t meet their standards. and students shared many ideas on what next steps could be.

The graph below shows that a little over half of our students are somewhat or less than satisfied with the clubs in our school, while the remaining feel they are satisfactory or go above that. 

student club satisfaction levels


According to interviews with both students and staff, there are downsides to our current clubs.

“There isn’t enough time or space for clubs,” said Terra Drummer, the advisor for the knitting club. 

Since space is limited, it is more of a challenge to participate in certain clubs. With limited time during school hours it’s harder for students to get things done and really enjoy what they are doing, according to Ms. Drummer.

Regardless of the negatives to clubs and student participation some students see the positive in clubs as well. 

“I also think that clubs can help students learn new skills,” said Kimoria Hutchinson, a freshman. 

Clubs can grant new opportunities for students, by giving them a chance to pick up new skills and learn something new.

“More clubs can be created and re-launched with new ideas in the new year” said Principal HD. 

[Clubs] should happen every Tuesday and every Friday.”

— senior Jan Caro

Students may also be allowed to potentially lead clubs with an assisted advisor, according to HD. However, with limited time during the school day, it may be challenging to have enough time for clubs.

Students think perhaps switching up the schedule can help provide students with more time to participate. The fact that it’s limited to A days (at least from what I see on the calendar). I think it should happen every Tuesday and every Friday, meaning twice per week.” said Jan Caro, a senior. 

Student government leaders, club advisors and administrators all have expressed interest in expanding club offerings and supporting existing ones.

Students have many available resources and leaders they can come to for assistance. New ideas and improvements are welcome and a change can be made.