What Spirit Week Got Right…and Wrong

By Maleah Edouard

Color wars at SHA (Photo by Lauren Godbout)

Spirit Week is a time to show school spirit and have a good time, and that happened during SHA’s Spirit Week. In a poll conducted by The Griffiner students gave Spirit Week an average score of 8 on a scale of 10. 

Source: Student poll

There was participation from students, staff, and the principal too. The themes changed every day, challenging students to get creative and show some school spirit. The week ended just before Halloween with a costume-themed day.

“A majority of the school participated in every day/event and the last day went really well,” said Ashley Judkins, a senior.

“I liked the different days,” said Kalis Orlandi-Long, a sophomore, “and being able to see what everyone was wearing made the week more fun. Also it was nice to see how the staff participated. Even Principal HD’s twin joined in the fun.

Twin day, SHA spirit week (Photo by Lauren Godbout)

Though most students rated Spirit Week as a lot of fun and a great way to make memories, according to some students there was a downside to it as well. “There weren’t any activities to match the themes. It was like a normal week but dress down, and that’s boring” said Legacy Moye, a freshman. For some people dress-up wasn’t the most fun and creative way to have a good time.

“I feel like if we had different themes, like 90’s day, it would’ve been way better,” said Taylor Holmes, a sophomore. Some students believed that there should have been other themes that they believed would involve more creativity and with that, more participation.

I liked feeling a part of a community and getting to express myself with my friends.”

Still most students reported they were happy with the week. “Unlike a lot of all of the previous spirit weeks, this Halloween inspired week had the most student participation,” said Alyiah Mohamed, a junior.

Added Mariah Martinez, a freshman: “I liked having the week to show our Halloween spirit. It was fun to explore costumes and our fall looks. I especially liked the last day with the movie and all of the activities that we could do. It was fun.”