How to Help Students Who Struggle With Workload and Stress

The global pandemic and schools shutting down have been difficult for everyone. But for some students with real mental-health challenges, the situation is worse. They are falling behind without knowing how to receive the help that they need. They lack the ability to be consistent and be motivated to want to do the work that needs to get done, which in turn has a HUGE impact on the students’ health. 

Fixing this problem is both the school and the students’ responsibility. Yes, the school is just doing its job in assigning all this work, but administrators and teachers can always try to make it easier. For students,  there are easy ways to help them become consistent and get on the right track, such as trying to have a teacher as your support system to lighten up the challenges you may be facing and give you peace and hope that you can and will be able to get through at the pace you’re comfortable with.

Even before the pandemic, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, one in five kids experience a mental health problem during their school years, and up to 60 percent of students don’t receive the help they need due to access issues.”  And that’s before the pandemic. 

Special education teacher Katherine Anderson says school during a pandemic can be truly hard for some. They are dealing with uncertain situations, such as neglect, food shortages, no heat, no hot water, abuse, and potential eviction. Dealing with school and personal matters can just be super overwhelming and can cause some to not be motivated on doing the work that they do need. Having pressure at “school” and pressure at home could be hard, especially at a time when they are one in the same place. So this is something that a lot of teachers should notice and be understanding. 

Students and teachers need to be understanding and have to reach out on both ends for pandemic school to work. Students need to try to reach teachers or friends for the support they may need  Teachers need to capture students in distress and guide them, or assist them when students are falling behind or may not seem as motivated as others. It is a two-way path that works if they try to work together to accomplish healthy habits and skills.

Yet many say that it is not that easy, and for some kids, they may just not want to do the work. It’s not that easy, a lot of the time a lot of students want to pass yet the barriers such as their mental health and anxiety are what cause them to not succeed.

I often feel overwhelmed and stressed with my school work, especially lately. Yet it is comforting to know there are ways to help me get back on track. Yes, it’s hard, but if you have the right mindset and the support that you need it could make things just a little bit easier.

So we should all put a helping hand and support those who are struggling to deal with their workload and their mental health.